The Visitor's Book 

Stephanie, Juli 2017

We landed in paradise. There has been much happening in the past 12 days, cleaning work inside and outside. It was exhausting, easy, fulfilling, diverse, lively, heart-bound and cheerful. The people here at the resort are real treasures and Mr. Lal with his radiant smile is a gem in the right place. The family atmosphere is very good, especially in the first week we were a great family. I would very much like to make a yogatravel here.

Sonja, May 2017

"[…] Regarding my stay at the Kingdom Resort, I can give you a very positive feedback! I was very satisfied with the hotel itself, the Ayurveda Treatment Center and with the complete staff at the Kingdom Resort. So far, I have seen many Ayurvedic places, especially in India and I do have experience with good doctors in India. But Dr. Dinali is not only a person with a very nice character, but also a very good doctor. […] My experience at the Kingdom Resort is, that the team is a very special one, all are working together with friendliness, confidence and an extra ordinary service. […] The atmosphere at the Kingdom Resort is very good and positive and adds very much to the relaxation of the guests at the hotel. All service members, no matter if it was the gardener, the room service, the kitchen and service staff as well as the therapists, do a very good job (just to name Ishan with his always positive smile on his face) and they met my expectations on all levels. The Ayurvedic treatments were more gentle than I had experienced them in India, which I think is a big advantage. Especially guests, who are new in the Ayurvedic topic, will appreciate this in my opinion. Also I very much appreciated the cleanliness of the place a lot. Chef Nilantha is the best – his food is so delicious, even with half portions! I am trying all his recipes at home – what a treat! […]"

Gudrun, April 2017

We are satisfied all round and are still enthusiastic about the 3 weeks time out. Here everything has really been rigth. This starts with the care before the journey through Mrs. Volkert, then the extensive documents. The pick-up at the airport was great and the welcome was warm. The wonderful location, the whole team (and we mean ALL) and the food, as well as the treatment by Dr. Dinali and Dr. Attulah left nothing to be desired. The farewell ceremony was funny and warm, it rounded off the stay. We always recommend the Kingdom Ayurveda Resort.

Brigitte & Elke, January 2017

Dearest team of the Kingdom Ayurveda Resort. I stay here for the second time and I state: its really paradisaical. Your wormness, kidness, the detailed attention, the medical attendance, the greatful and relaxing therapeutic treatments, the delicions food, the extraordinary service and always your smile in your faces ensure that I feel brilliant. Also the conversations with Banthe Kris in the morning, the nice garden, the Indian Ocean and the beach walk early in the morning contribute to be comfortable. Many thanks to Inge, who helps me with words and deeds. Thank you very much indeed to all. You are wonderful. Ayobowan.

Christa, January 2016

Thank you from the bottem of my heart for this beautiful and wonderful stay in this Ayurveda Resort. Thank you for your kindness, your expertise, your knowledge, that made my first Ayurveda cure so special and successful! I never felt so spoiled in my life! Healing food for body and soul from Nilantha and his crew, nealing hands from all of the therapists and always good advices from Dr. Dindli and Dr. Athula contributed to my well being at the end of the stay! Every single one of the team was friendly and attentive, always with a smile on your face. Yoga sessions with Nishanta changed my attridude towards yoga & take all of the benefits back home! I hope to return some day again. And to my sister Inge, thank you for all your knowledge about Ayurveda and your well organized informations, which you hand out to your guestsprior to the trip.


I can´t even express how thankful I am for this wonderful and memerable stay of the Kingdom resort. Each and every one of you treated me so well, so open and always with a smile. I will have with an (almost) new body but most importantly with a full heart. I will always rembember you and hopefully be back soon. From the bottom of my heart I wish you lots of love and all the luck of the universe.

Johannes & Corinna, Dezember 2016

After two weeks we here to leave this wonderful place and we will miss you all. Many warm thanks to Mr. Lal for his ever-present laughing, to the Dr.-team we had a 100% trust in this expertise and their patience in these days, to the cooking team, who served us with delishes dishes, to the sevice team (restaurant, security, house-keeping) and to the therapeut team who gave us wonderful and unforgetable treatments. Please keep the spirit, the motivation, the laughing, the food, the entire location as it is and preserve this paradise in it´s quality and energy. Many warm greeting from Johannes & Corinna. 

Monika & Gerhard, Dezember 2016

Thausend thanks to the wonderful team (therapists, the Dr.-Team, cooking team, the service-team at restaurant, garden security and not to forget Mr. Lal). We enjoyed our 17 days stay in this little paradise and we think we will come back. Have good time all together. Many greetings.


From the moment that I set my foot inside "Kingdom Resort". I felt realy welcomed. I came here to relax and learn about Ayurveda. I have learned a few things about Ayurveda but, still a lot to learn ... Now that I am departing, I must say that I feel very relaxed and also very positive. Many thanks to Caterina an her wonderful staff that togethen helped me to achieve that. Thank You! Istuti!

Ulrike, Ulrike, Melanie, Claudia, November 2016

You made us feel home, good, well, fantastic, your loving hands and food, spirit and caring ist wonderful and never forgotten. We will return. Stay well, all the best until we see you again.


Waltraut & Bernhard, Oktober 2016

Thank you very much for the pleasant time in your resort. Everythink was fine. Mr. Nilantha creats delicious meals. Dr. Dinali gave us excellent guidance and support through the therapie. Thanks to all the therapists for the wonderful treatments. From our heart we say a big THANK YOU to the whole team. We had a phantastic 3weeks-stay in your resort. We are looking forward to our next visit.

Brigitte, Oktober 2016

it was quiet the best decission, to come to this place for healing by ayurveda! It was my time - for my mind, for my body and my soul. Time only for myself. Kingdom Ayurveda Resort is the best Resort of Sri Lanka - the best care - the best cooking! To stay here, it is staying with a big family in a very private atmosphere. I will come back again, sure! 

Christine, Berta & Christine, September 2016 

Thank you so much for the lovely and relaxing time. It was wonderful, you made us very happy. This unforgetable 2 weeks passed by so quickly, however we will keep up the healthy lifestyle back home. Thanks for positiv energy! Alle the best for all of you. The Temple is in our heart .....  

Sylvia Katharina, Agust 2016 

everything passed in his time! To stay at Kingdom Ayurveda Resort was 100% best time since a long time. i have to say thank you from the deepest point in my heart for this wonderful and lovely caring team. Ayubowan ... 

Heidrun, August 2016

Now my 3-week stay here is over and I want to thank you with all my heart! I felt so greatly looked after and cared for by everybody, be it hte doctors with their attentive, open "ears" and knowledge, the therapists who treated me such loving hands and minds, Nilantha and his team who preparednot only but most delicious meals, Mr. Ishan and Ushan, who servedus so attentively and friendly, the roomservice ladies who so nicely cleaned and lovingly decorated my room so beautifully, and the guards who made me feel very safe and at home and who, together with the gardener, were alwys ready to helps in any situation. And of course i want to say thank Mr. Lal.for his help and advice in any situation, all the talks and the excursions be, to sum it up. Thanks for the spirit ... namastè 

Susanne, Jörg & Eva, Juli 2016

after 2 wonderful weeks we are about to leave this littel paradise. all of you like a bog family was taking care of us. The calm and kind surrounding we could relxe and regenerate quiet well, wo we return to germany with a lot of wonderful power and energy. from deep our herat we have to say thank you to everybody:

to caterina for making this place possible
to Mr Lal who is always in a good mood and who knows and organzie everthing fo the well being of all guests
to Dr. Dinali and Dr. Athula who taook care of us and our health every day
to the team with the magic hands ( Chandrani, Mrs. Princy, Mrs Romesha Mr Anuschka and Mr Heyshan
to Mr Nilantha, Mr Nadu, Mr Ushan adMr. Ishan for the delicoius mela that we enjoyed so much in a lovely atmophere
to Mrs. Kumari. Mrs Karunseli, Mrs Ksusumalatha for being to tireless with all these housekeeping activities
to Mr. Piyathilaka for doing his job always with a smile on his face
last but not least to Mr. Nimal and Mr. Somadosa for making us feel save.
We are loking forward to our next visit.

Louise & Sunita, May 2016

A big Thank you to all mermbers oj your team, every single person is very special and made our stay very pleasant. We always felt so welcome and at home, like in a family. We really enjoyed the delicious food, relaxing treatments, yoga, the beautiful garden, nice converations, the meetings with Kris, your professional service, the loving prepartion of our room and your smiles! Wishing you all the best!

Martina, May 2016

Dear Kingdom - Team,
Thank you all for making may stay in your Kingdom to the highlight of my year 2016! I felt like a Queen!!
Good luck for you all, kepp well and healthy.

Monica, May  2016 

To the dear and wonderful Kingdom Resort Team! you made my stay such an extraordinary experience - all the time i felt like a Queen-Princess - the bed carpet was always there. I came exhausted and I leave enchanted, happy, full of energy. All of you are a super special, warm, always smiling team, it's a lot of fun arround you. by true, honest and deep thank you to all of you - my stay with you has found its way to my heart. All the best and may you enchant many more guests.


Hella, March 2016

14 days full of sunshine , welfare and recreation , accompanied by Inge Volkert 's loving hand , have given me a lot of strength to see me again . Thanks for that. Thanks also to the expert team of the house, which made my stay here memorable. Love to all from Kingdom Resort. 

Marion & Silvia, February 2016

Wonderful Kingdom Resort - Team!
we spent a wonderful ayurvedic treatment in a wonderful surrounding, with your wonderful people, helping us and being very friendly, caring and always smiling. we ate wonderful food, celebrated wonderful birthdays, had wonderful yoga-lessons and wonderful talks. it was a wonderful and unfortgetable time and we would love to come back and will recommend to everybody in the world the wonderful Kingdom Resort-Team. Thank you so much for everything, all of you stay healthy and happy. best regards 204 F1 and F2! 

Mirja, March 2016

Dear Kingdom Ayurveda Resort Family!
Words cannot describe how loved i felt every hour of the day for the last 18 days. Thank you SO much everything. I couldn't have asked for more. Leaving you is a bit painful, i will miss you. Till next time love and 1 big hug for everyone.

Sigrid & Friedemann, February 2016

we enjoyed our stay at the "Kingdom Resort" very much, the treatments, the excellent food, the meditation and especially your team kindness. We intend to come back again and we also will recommend it. Warmest and best wishes and Tschüss.... 

Toni, February 2016

It was a wonderful time here - thanks to your dedication, care and professionalism. Thank you very much for everthing! You are a secret bunch of people - keep up the spirit and good work. Best wishes to all. Jutta, February 2016

Jutta, February 2016

Dear Kingdom Team,
from the first ot the last second i enjoyed my sttay here in Kingdom Ayurveda Resort! Thank you for your care, smile, heart and open mind. Here i feel more than "just work" in your team, something like a common spirit. I eynjoyed the delicious food, always beeing a little yummie surprise in taste and variation. ( Ich liebe es ) . So thank you very much for everything and especially thnaks to every single member of your great team.


Martina & Maria, February 2016

Our dearest friends at Kingdom Resort,
first of all we would like to thank you million times for an amazing atmosphere you are creating every single day! Your care, love, hospitality and smiles touch our hearts and thanks to you, the stay in your Resort is always unforgettable. We really appriciate the feeling of safety, just like in in a private garden, where you can keep your room open and feel like at home. we value ervery single member of our crew taking care of us, garden, cleaning the rooms, providing medical consultations, treatments, amazing food, security, fun and entertainement and lust but not least managing all. We hope to see you all again, soon!!!! THANK YOU!

Mechthild & Alfons, February 2016

we came stressed and we leave relaxed. It was a good time for our health. All members of the kingdom - team are very friendly, respectfully and professional. They help us to spend an ayurveda cure with delicious food, healthy treatments - foot massage - head massage - shirodhara - shirolepa......... We will come back! Thank you very much. Good wishes and health for all of you of you.

Ilse, January 2016 

I say yes to Kingdom Ayurveda Resort.! And i say yes to all employees. Many thanks to your smile an 1A treatments. I wish Kingdom Ayurveda Resort for all enterprises fuss success .

Uta, January 2016 

Three wonderful weeks are past. I have felt fine from the first day in here so properly, how in a „small paradises“. All employees have given her best are not to be outbide in friendliness. I return strengthened and full peace after lives. I am only able to say: Thanks – Thanks- Thanks! I wish that many other rest-searching also come to this pleasure. 


Ursula, January 2016  

It was a very good decision form me to make my first ayurveda – cure at Kingdom Ayurveda Resort. Thanks to Inge, that i was led by you in this house. I thank the doctors and the whole staff, who tried hard round-the-clock to cure body and soul. A very nice experience and a big present form me.  After three weeks of Ayurveda cure i go strengthened, lightfully and happily home.